Why Us

Why Us



PhotoBook is o combination of pre-printed photo sheets that is bound together to make it look like a coffee-table book. The printing is actually done on silver handle photo papers that are used for high quality prints in any photo printing lab.


  1. Aesthetic excellence. The ability to place the photos aesthetically, adjust or edit them. Also, one can go for a variety of cover designs, including leather, reksin, melamine, laminated photos, etc.
  2. Non-tearability- Because the photosheets are pasted back-to-back with a synthetic medium under very high temperature, they become non-tearable.
  3. Water and moisture-proof Before binding, all the sheets are treated to make them water and moisture proof. This treatment called UV Coating also protects the photo-sheets from finger prints that so often leave indelible marks on normal photos.
  4. Non-fading - Photos invariably fade because the colour emulsions on thephoto papers react chemically with the misture content in the air.Thisreaction weakens the emulsions thereby making the photos look pale in duecourse of time.Since the photos in the PhotoBook are UV coatedthephotos are completely cut-off from any contact with moisture in the airthereby completely halting the process of fading that invariably affects other photos.
  5. Excellent Documentation - PhotoBooks make for excellentarchival/documentation material for the simple fact that they can be keptlike a book in any library. whether personal or public.with properindexation. Thematic lay-out of photos,along with written text can also bedone.
  6. Business Propositions - Any business proposal look fantastic whendesigned and presented in a PhotoBook form. Highlighting with photosbecomes very effective because of excellent quality of photo printing.



Simply log in to our web site www.photomusing.org and uploadyour photos or you may call our Marketing Representatives at 0361 2661273/09859932760.Else, you may personally visit our outlet - PHOTOMUSINGS COLOUR LAB - at Ganesh Market Complex fora one-to-onediscussion with our sales people.


We take orders for the following size prints -PC,4"x6", 5"x7", 6"x8",8"×12" aswell as blow-ups upto 30"x100". In printing photos, our state-of-the-artmachines apply a technology that automatically reduces scars from oldnegatives and print photos that are vibrant in colours.Our machines also canprint photos from digital cameras. mobile phones. CD`s. pen drives, etc. Atthe speed of 1000 prints/hour.


We also undertake orders for extra gloss, non-tearable metallic prints.


Photo framing has never been so aesthetically beautiful, with the use of latestdesign frame-sticks imported from Italy. Photo framing is of two types - single mount and double mount. One can have one`s choice from a widevariety of framing sticks.

Lamination is also another less expensive way of giving your photos a lastingeffect. which you can hang on a wall or make it stand on a table.


Bring your old.B&W or Colour photos which have run out their shef life. Weshall restore them to their old glory depending on their degree of wear andtear.


Get your invaluable photos UV coated.This will stop your photos fromfading and give them full life.UV coating also protects your photos from anyfinger-print or other marks. Photos upto the size of 24"in breadth andunlimited length can be UV coated in a matter of few minutes.